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This magazine is inspired to provide a platform where we can highlight the vegan food and culture that exists in the Afro-Caribbean community and amplify voices in the conversations surrounding veganism.

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Top News Articles & Events

The Storied Recipe: “A Caribbean Canadian”

The Storied Recipe concept is unique. Becky Hadeed, sets out to tell stories of people from around the world, and from the beginning, has been firmly committed to sharing stories of people of colour in their own words, in their own voices.

I was recently interviewed as a guest on The Storied Recipe and our episode went live today!! Here’s what the host, Becky Hadeed, had to say about the episode and the highlights of our interview.

New Release: Fruits of Jamaica Issue

In this bonus issue of Cooking Green Goodness Magazine, the sticky flesh, heady perfumes, vibrant colours and bizzare shapes common among plant life in Jamaica’s tropical zone is celebrated.

Keeping Healthy Relationships During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Human touch has a unique quality. Whether it is a simple hug or a tap on the arm, it is a palpable reminder that we are not alone. Human touch reminds us that others are there to offer their friendship, affection, or support. Tap to read more.

Tap HERE to read more. “Canadian Women In Food prioritizes opportunities for members to market and promote their businesses; creates meaningful learning initiatives; engages with industry to unlock access; and supports a network of women serious about food.”