Share Your Veganism: 2020 Photo Essay Contest

Cooking Green Goodness Magazine’s Share Your Veganism platform showcases unique, effective, and relevant forms of activism. Check out the winners from Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom, who were awarded in the 2020 Photo Essay Contest. Contest details and more are on the Awards website,

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Cooking Green Goodness Magazine Share Your Veganism: 2020 Photo Essay Contest

Photographs are one way to tell about something beautiful. A photograph demands that the audience commit to get to know the origin story, the boundaries of its meaning, and the power behind its voice. The Share Your Veganism: 2020 Photo Essay Contest showcases, through the beauty of artistic expression in a photograph, those things that empower how we choose to nourish our bodies. Tap to learn more.

New Release: Fruits of Jamaica Issue

In this bonus issue of Cooking Green Goodness Magazine, the sticky flesh, heady perfumes, vibrant colours and bizzare shapes common among plant life in Jamaica’s tropical zone is celebrated.

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