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How Canadian Maple Syrup Is Made

Cooking Green Goodness Magazine attended Maple Syrup Day at Black Creek Community Farm. Watch as we share a day of good food and fun on a brisk day at the farm. Connor Allaby, Assistant Market Garden Manager, guides us through the process to make that pure golden “tree juice” that is Canadian Maple Syrup.

Black Creek Community Farm serves to enrich their community through a thriving farm, healthy food, hands-on training and learning experiences. Situated on a truly unique eight-acre property that includes pristine farmland, a heritage farmhouse and barn, and a surrounding forest that extends down into the Black Creek ravine, the site houses certified organic vegetable fields, a forest trail and food forest, 4-season greenhouses, an outdoor classroom, pavilion and bake oven, as well as a mushroom garden, among other things. Thousands of visitors attend workshops and public events at the farm each year, including the annual Farm Festival, Maple Syrup and Honeybee Days, and the Dinner at the Farm fundraiser.

BCCF offer a range of community programming for people of all ages. All their programs have food security as a central element, with food literacy and food skills as key components. Their unique site welcomes thousands of children annually for experiential outdoor education as part of our camp and farm school programs –  inspiring the next generation by providing leadership in food justice, and supporting diverse natural and social ecosystems.

Founded by Everdale Environmental Learning Centre, FoodShare, and Afri-Can Food Basket (watch out for our upcoming interview with Afri-Can Food Basket), BCCF has operated as a start-up focused on improving food security, reducing social isolation, and improving employment and education outcomes since its inception in 2012.

To learn more about Black Creek Community Farm visit their website at

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