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25 Fun Ways to Celebrate National Vegetarian Week

May 13 to 19 is a week to celebrate vegetarianism and give meatless fares a try. Join the fun! Learn to cook tasty recipes! #NationalVegetarianWeek

National Vegetarian Week aims to bring awareness to the proven health benefits of vegetarian diets. Although Cooking Green Goodness Magazine supports a vegan lifestyle, let’s not kid ourselves, the journey is a struggle for many. We support any initiative to educate and guide those people curious about plant-based meals and how to get started with their journey. The benefits of vegetarian diets include:

  • A reduced risk of major killers such as heart disease and stroke while cutting exposure to foodborne pathogens;
  • A viable answer to feeding the world’s hungry through more efficient use of grains and other crops;
  • Conservation of vital but limited freshwater, fertile topsoil and other precious resources;
  • The preservation of irreplaceable ecosystems;
  • Mitigating the ever-expanding environmental pollution of animal agriculture.

Here are 25 veggie-licious ways to celebrate National Vegetarian Week:

1. Read the Vegetarian’s Society’s guide ‘Going Veggie: What to Eat.’
2. Head outdoors for a veggie picnic.
3. Share a photo of your veggie shopping.
4. Have a veggie packed lunch.
5.  Host a bring-and-share lunch.
6.  Buy local fresh vegetables and fruits.
7.  Cook a veggie meal for your friends.

8. Have a plant-based BBQ.
9. Share why veggie food is good for the planet.
10. Take the plant-based protein pop quiz:
11. Grow some chilies or herbs.
12. Discover your inner chef on a cookery course.
13. Try Jackfruit.
14. Stay up to date with all things veggie.
15. Donate fresh vegetables to a local food bank.
16. Share some veggie sweets.
17. Try vegan ice cream.
18. Bake some bread.
19. Enjoy a veggie pie. Get the recipe for Vegan Purple Potatoes Pie in the ‘Fruitful Love’ issue of Cooking Green Goodness Magazine.
20. Spice up your spud. Try this recipe for Stuffed-Baked Sweet Potato with Greens and Hummus!
20. Wear green for a day, even if it’s not your colour.
21. Try a veggie burger.
22. Plan a week of veggie meals.
23. Milk an almond! Not really, but you could try some almond milk.
24. Get inventive with leftovers.
25. Go Veggie!

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