The Storied Recipe: “A Caribbean Canadian”

I was recently interviewed as a guest on The Storied Recipe and our episode went live today!! Here’s what the host, Becky Hadeed, had to say about the episode and the highlights of our interview.

A huge welcome today to Eartha Lowe, the creator and editor of Cooking Green Goodness magazine, the first black-owned Vegan magazine in Canada. Eartha was born and raised in Jamaica and named after her father, one of the originators of the Roots Reggae musical movement in the 1960’s and 70’s. Eartha’s love of cooking was born in her mother’s kitchen where she followed her mother’s every move. However, her journey to Veganism was born from both her father’s Rastafarian religion and one very memorable experience when she was young. Today, Eartha is sharing a delicious corn recipe inspired by a woman nicknamed “Crabby”, whose husband filled the air with “positivity and feel-good Reggae chants” as he walked the summertime streets with ingredients for Crabby’s boiled crab and sweet, buttery, crisp corn on the cob. 

Highlights Of The Episode:

  • Amazing story of name Eartha
  • The Rastafarian religion and the history of veganism in Jamaica
  • Eartha’s father, Little Roy, and Roots Reggae
  • Eartha’s Jamaican nicknames
  • Stories of “Crabby” and her freshly cooked crab and corn
  • Patwa & Jamaican Poets
  • First dinner of chicken, rice, and callaloo – sibling still remember
  • The moment that set her on a path to veganism
  • Canada’s first black-owned Vegan magazine highlighting Caribbean food
  • The dressing that makes “grown men with muscles eat salad”

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Episode 49: A Caribbean Canadian with Eartha Lowe

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The Storied Recipe concept is unique. Becky Hadeed, sets out to tell stories of people from around the world, and from the beginning, has been firmly committed to sharing stories of people of colour in their own words, in their own voices. The Storied Recipe podcast has hit the Top 100 Documentary Podcast charts in Apple Podcasts in 9 countries, including the UK.

Becky discusses with each of her guests, their heritage, family, history, life centered around the food of their memories, and particularly the recipe they shared with her – which always comes with a story. Becky believes that as a community of listeners, we become better cooks more grateful for the gift of food, and we honour those that have loved us through their cooking.

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