A Season Unapologetic Issue

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Features: 60 Pages
Published by: Eartha Lowe, Cooking Green Goodness Magazine
A Look Inside: Your Health & Wellness, In Fitness, Food In Poetry, In Food Photography, Food And Drink (recipes), Veg Corner, Jamaican Vegan Food Words & Phrases


Everyday cooking is about preparing good, wholesome, tasty, varied meals. With every meal we are presented with the opportunity to nourish ourselves and powerfully support our health. When you buy in-season, you also present yourself the opportunity to enjoy foods at their peak in flavour and nutrition, like rhubarb (page 22), strawberry (page 26), asparagus (page 32), and the juiciness of pineapple (page 18). In this issue of Cooking Green Goodness Magazine we celebrate delicious produce in season. Diana Muresan and Sabine Alphonsine contribute their photography to this section of Food And Drink.

Spring forward to a taste of summer with Margie Cook, Vegan Chef and Culinary Consultant. Cherry, the fruit of romance is celebrated in her recipe for a Raw Cherry Blossom Cheesecake (page 36).

A Taste of the Caribbean The lure of the exotic cuisine of the Caribbean in general, and Jamaica in particular, has popularized products from the region as more home cooks begin  experimenting with some of the island’s popular dishes. Learn how to cook vegan rice dishes like Jamaican Rice and Peas (page 44) – one of the island’s most popular dishes enjoyed worldwide. Sophie Musoki contributes her photography in this issue for a Callaloo, Coconut and Ginger-Spiced Rice recipe (page 42).

Learn to bake a piece of Jamaica’s Easter tradition; Vegan Easter Bun (page 38). Equally as important to the people who follow a plant-based diet, is the notion that they too can still enjoy a piece of this long-standing tradition when Easter rolls around.

Food In Poetry ‘A Season Unapologetic’ is a short poem that speaks true to nature; ever-changing yet steady (page 12). Let us begin the journey for what it means to  experience the wonders of the seasons: the rain, blossoms, the sweets songs of birds, bees buzzing, butterflies fluttering, sunshine, and breathtaking views of growth. Nature uplifts the very fabric that is human.

A Lesson In Food Photography with Dyutima Jha (page 15) Through her “food lens” Dyutima shows us how to put our best food forward. Dyutima is an architect turned food stylist, photographer, recipe curator & founder of My Food Lens. After a decade of practicing healthcare architecture, she stumbled upon food styling & photography, which turned into an undying passion rather swiftly. Dyutima is the featured photographer in this issue of Cooking Green Goodness Magazine. She also shares with us a recipe for Grilled pineapple with Mint Matcha Cream (page 40).

In this issue of Cooking Green Goodness Magazine we also celebrate mothers. Porsia Tassone, Shanika Graham-White, and Felicia Denise are three beautiful women who share their journey through the joys, laughter, loss, lessons and love that is Motherhood (page 10). Shanika shares that in the thick of things she’s learned that motherhood does not require her to be perfect; it just requires her to be present. Motherhood is seeing your heart outside of itself. Although it’s fragile, has many moving parts, and super complicated, it’s the most important thing that you’ll ever have to do as a human being on this earth.

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