Fruitful Love Issue

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Published by: Eartha Lowe, Cooking Green Goodness Magazine
A Look Inside: Your Health & Wellness, In Fitness, Food In Poetry, In Food Photography, Food And Drink (recipes), Veg Corner, Jamaican Vegan Food Words & Phrases


‘What if by being your most authentic, perfectly imperfect self, you can transform your health and your life while having an extraordinary impact on the world?’ These are words  spoken by Andrea Pennington during one of her episodes on TEDx Talks. Andrea Pennington is a Physician, Author, Mentor, Visionary and Host of Liberate Your Authentic Self. We are reminded by Andrea that when we embrace the ideals of others in an attempt to fit in – to be accepted – that glimmer reflected deep in our eyes takes a back seat to self. We then begin to masquerade as a half-baked  version of ourselves.

This issue of Cooking Green Goodness Magazine is titled Fruitful Love, Chuo-Cho, Perfect Imperfections. Fruitful Love (see Food In Poetry, page 10) is nature’s energy. Fruitful Love uplifts one’s condition. Fruitful Love takes us to a place of peace where we can reconnect with our true selves. Fruitful Love speaks to actions we take to nourish ourselves physically, emotionally, and spiritually, to powerfully support our health. Know that you have far more power over your well-being and impact in life than you might give yourself credit for.

It is also important to know that to transform what you are on the outside, you have to transform who you are on the inside.

Let’s get inspired with foods to make you flourish, feel happy, motivated and full of energy! You see being healthy is our decision to feed our happiness with good, fabulous-tasting food, it’s choosing to be active; it’s choosing to always look on the bright side of life. We’re happy to feature Sophie Musoki, a food writer, photographer, and food stylist behind the blog A Kitchen In Uganda. Sophie’s beautiful photography graces our cover once again. Sophie is also the first person to be featured in this magazine’s In Food Photography segment (see page 11). Her photography in this segment is inspired by a land’s bounty. That land is  Jamaica.

What makes this issue even more special, are the talented contributors from different parts of the globe: Canada; USA; Jamaica and France.

Hannah Sunderani, a plant-based food blogger, shares with us recipes to express love and gratitude for your special someone (see feature on page 27). Hannah’s passion for plant-based cooking comes from its benefits to health, humanity, and the environment. She is Canadian born, living in France. Her recipes are intended for everyone, vegan or not, to introduce more plant-based foods into your life. She shows just how delicious and satiating clean eating can be.

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