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Features: 30 Pages
Published by: Eartha Lowe, Cooking Green Goodness Magazine
A Look Inside: Your Health & Wellness, Food In Poetry, Food And Drink (recipes), Veg Corner, Jamaican Vegan Food Words & Phrases

If you take a look at the history of home cooking you’ll learn that it’s a style which took advantage of the abundance of a beautiful land and its natural agricultural resources. We believe that home cooking, from scratch, is part of a people’s story: the wonder of creating, the pleasure of time spent in the honest pursuit of tradition and nourishment of our bodies and those of our family. Also, let’s be honest, eating food is a major source of joy in everyday life. We at Cooking Green Goodness Magazine advocate for nutritious, healthy eating, and have a passion for cooking and creating vibrant, flavourful dishes using whole down to earth ingredients. Join us on a journey of good food and recipes for your wellness.


In this introductory issue, Makini Smith, Mindset Coach, Speaker, Consultant, and Author of the book A Walk In My Stilettos, contributes to the Your Health & Wellness section. Makini writes about the unbiased and clear facts about self-image without all the hype to get you past your fears (page 11).

Food And Drink features healthful, delicious vegan recipes from some of the best food writers and bloggers, food photographers, and recipes developers in the food industry. This magazine is inspired to provide a platform where we can highlight vegan food and culture that exists in the Caribbean, and amplify voices in the conversations surrounding plant-based food and culture.

Sophie Musoki is the food writer, photographer, and food stylist behind the blog A Kitchen In Uganda. Sophie’s beautiful photography graces the cover of this magazine’s first issue. Sophie also contributes a delicious recipe for Green Callaloo Pasta with Homemade Sauce (see feature on page 23). Get the recipe for a sweet taste of the tropics in a Spicy Green Bean and Mango Salad (page 18). 

Dr. Maya Angelou once wrote, ‘I’m just someone who likes cooking and for whom sharing food is a form of expression.’ The Food In Poetry section of this magazine was inspired by Dr. Angelou. Read Black Kale on page 7, written by Rootz. Read Veggie Fun Facts about soursop (page 26). Learn Jamaican Food Words & Phrases in this fun segment (page 27).

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